Gaviotas founder Paolo Lugari and ZERI director Gunter Pauli led a workshop based on the experience of Gaviotas from September 9-11, 2002. Over 150 people from all over the US (plus Costa Rica, Canada and Mexico) gathered at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Author Alan Weisman joined on the final day with translation/commentary that provided some comic relief.

Paolo described various Gaviotas initiatives and technologies, punctuated with frequent philosophical reflections, such as "Gaviotas is not a model; Gaviotas is a way of thinking."  Gunter gave an abbreviated version of the "12 axioms of the new economics" talk, and Alan spoke about how the story of Gaviotas continues to inspire. 

Conference participants organized into a dozen different dialogue topics, including green building, permaculture, social change, intentional communities, appropriate technology. With spontaneous musical entertainment to liven up the atmosphere, they talked late into the night. The event ended all too soon, but it sparked an ongoing dialogue and the formation of Friends of Gaviotas.



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