As part of an initiative to expand the reforestation efforts at Gaviotas, ZERI (Zero Emissions Research Initiative) organized a fundraising trip to the Colombian llanos from June 25-27.   

As you know, Gaviotas has planted a large forest that is generating biodiversity, sustainability, and safe pure drinking water, and is acting as a giant lung for the atmosphere. The Colombian government has agreed to release huge additional tracts of desolate savannah around Gaviotas, and further out at Marandua, to expand the reforestation

The government provided an escorted flight to Marandua, with a stopover in Gaviotas, for 10 supporters of the reforestation project. Participants were able to see Gaviotas firsthand, and then learn more about the planned activities at Marandua. Each participant donated $1,000 for the planting of 1 hectare of forest (2.5 acres). 



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